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What Automation and Control Engineers Need to Know About Calibration

What Automation and Control Engineers Need to Know About Calibration

Hundreds of devices and equipment are required to keep a manufacturing factory up and running. In order to ensure that they are all running smoothly, regular inspections, repairs, maintenance, and machine calibration are very important.

Keeping the plant from having a downtime is not a hard task anyway, you just need to remember these things related to calibration:

  1. Do preventive maintenance for instruments. Electrical assets are meant to be properly cleaned and maintained. Don’t let dirt and dust accumulate in your fans and filters. These might become reasons for your machines not to work at their maximum efficiency.

  1. Always follow the right calibration schedule. The calibration schedule usually depends on the type of instrument, how the instruments are used, how often they are being used, the environment where they are being utilized and the level of accuracy needed. 

  1. Have proper instrument documentation. It is necessary to keep records of your machine or equipment. This is going to be a vital part of the assessment that needs to be done when you send the equipment for calibration or when a calibration engineer goes to your plant.

  1. Be in the lookout for any damage during shipping. To ensure that your equipment wasn’t damaged during transportation, inspect it right away once received. Take note of some possible problems that might arise and raise it right away to your calibration partner to mitigate the problem.

  1. Do an instrument Measurement System Analysis (MSA). It is important that you are aware of doing MSA to have better control over your equipment. MSA is a method of determining the variation within a measurement process. This mathematical method can be used to certify the measurements and controls being used by evaluating accuracy, precision, and stability.

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